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Degrees you can chose in a Commonwealth Government University in India through AMASA EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (Scholarships Available)

Professional Degrees

Eligibility : 2 Passes in London or Local A/L, Edexcel, Cambridge Examinations in Any stream.

B.B.M. Bachelor of Business Management
B.B.A. Aviation Management
B.B.A. Logistics and Supply chain Management
B.H.R.D. Human Resource Development
B.S.W. Social Work
B.H.M. Bachelor of Hotel Management (4 Years)
B.Sc. Hospitality Science
B.Sc. Fashion and Apparel Designing

B.Sc Interior Design and Decoration
B.A. Journalism ( Journalism / English / Political Science) 
B.A. Physical Education / Political Science and Sociology or History
B.V.A.  Visual Arts
B.A Home Science ( Home Science/Sociology/Political Science )
B.C.A. Bachelor of Computer Application
B.Sc. 3D Animation and Multimedia  
B.Sc. Integrated with 3D Animation and Multimedia with Game Art Design 
B.A. Journalism ( Journalism / Psychology / English )
B.A. Sociology / Economics/  History
B.A. Sociology / Economics/ Psychology
B.A. Bharathanatyam & Classical Music / History
B.A. Secretariat practice/Economics/Political Science

Science Degrees

Eligibility : 2 Passes in London or Local A/L, Edexcel, Cambridge Examinations in Maths stream.

B.Sc. Computer Science ( Computer Science/Physics/Mathematics )

B.Sc. Physics (Physics / Chemistry/ Mathematics )
B.Sc. Physics (Physics / Electronics / Mathematics )

Eligibility : 2 Passes in London or Local A/L, Edexcel, Cambridge Examinations in Science stream.

B.Sc. Food Nutrition & Dietetics
B.Sc. Biotechnology (Biotechnology/Genetics/Biochemistry)
B.Sc. Biotechnology (Biotechnology/Botany/Chemistry )
B.Sc. Microbiology (Microbiology/Zoology/Biochemistry )
B.Sc. Genetics (Genetics/Biochemistry/Microbiology)
B.Sc. Microbiology (Microbiology/Botany/Chemistry )
B.Sc. Microbiology (Microbiology/Biotechnology/Chemistry )
B.Sc. Biochemistry (Biochemistry/Botany/Microbiology )
B.Sc. Biochemistry (Biochemistry/Botany/Zoology )
B.Sc. Electronics (Electronics/Physics/Mathematics )
B.Sc. Forensic Science

Medical Degrees

Eligibility : 50% in London or Local A/L, Edexcel, Cambridge Examinations in Biology, Chemistry & Physics.

MBBS (5 Years)
B.N.Y.S. (Bachelor of Naturopathy Yogic Science ) (5 Years)
BDS (Dental Surgery) (4 Years)
B. Physiotherapy (4 1/2 Years)
B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years)
B.Pharm – Bachelor of Pharmacy
B.Sc. Optometry (4 Years)
B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery ) (5 1/2 Years)
B.H.M.S. (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery ) (5 1/2 Years)

Eligibility : 35% in London or Local A/L, Edexcel, Cambridge Examinations in Biology, Chemistry 
& Physics

B.A.S.L.P.  Audiology Speech Language & Pathology (3 Years + 1 Year Internship)
B.M.L.T Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology
Diploma in Nursing

Engineering Degrees

Eligibility : 45%  in London or Local A/L, Edexcel, Cambridge Examinations in Maths, Chemistry & Physics.

B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering (4 Years)B.E. Computer Science (4 Years)
B.E. Mechanical Engineering (4 Years)
B.E. Telecommunication (4 Years)
B.E. Electrical & Electronic Engineering (4 Years)
B.E. Computer Science & Engineering (4 Years)
B.E. Information Science & Engineering (4 Years)
B.E. Civil Engineering (4 Years)
B.E. Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering (4 Years)
B.E. Chemical Engineering (4 Years)
B.E. Instrumentation Technology Engineering  (4 Years)
B.E. Industrial Engineering & Management  (4 Years)
B.E. Medical Electronics Engineering (4 Years)
B.E. Biotechnology (4 Years) 

B. Architecture (5 Years)

Post Graduate Degrees

Eligibility : A Bachelors degree from a recognised Government University

B.Ed. ( Bachelor of Education ) 

MIB ( Master of International Business)MBA (Master in Business Administration)
MFA (Master of Finance and Accounting )
MCA (Master of Computer Application )
M.D. Ayurveda
M.Sc Bio – Chemistry
M.Sc Biotechnology
M.Sc Microbiology
M.Sc Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)
M.Sc. Forensic Science
M.Sc Physics
M.Sc Mathematics
M.Sc Applied Genetics
M.Sc Computer Science
M.Sc Electronic Science
M.Sc Nursing
M.Sc (MLT )
M.Sc Computational Mathematics
MTS (Master of Tourism Administration )
M.S. Communication
M.S.W (Master of Social Work )
M.H.A. ( Hospital Administration )
M.P.T. (Master of Physiotherapy )
M.A. (English )
M.A. Economics
M.A. Woman & Gender Studies
M.A. Public Governance & Administration
M.H.R.D. (Master of Human Resource Development )

Since 1991 AMASA EDUCATIONAL SERVICES has been consulting and admitting over 5000  Sri Lankan students to mainly Indian Government Commonwealth Universities and also for other countries such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada etc,... .
Majority of our students have gone to India as you can finish a complete degree including 3 year Hostel fees, 3 years food & living expenses & total University fees within Rs. 10 00 000.00 (One million Sri Lankan Rupees). That too you can pay in instalments within the 3 years. 
After graduation they then either come back to Sri Lanka to follow the Postgraduates  in any National Government University such as, University of Peradeniya or University of Sri Jayawardenapura etc,… or some migrates to countries like Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe etc,...
We assist them in each and every step they take until they finish their studies. 
Further we do assist them in getting Permanent Residency in Countries like New Zealand & Canada as well. 
Contact us on 0777 840028 for further information regarding this or visit our website

By : G.A. Amodha Galgamuwa

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